Passive Income. Simplified.

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Find out why the FREE Quantix Ovniscalp system hosted in the cloud on SamtradeFX broker servers is the best choice for you.


only pay a commission in arrears based on actual profit made

Cloud Hosted

No need for expensive VPS or Laptops running 24/7. It runs in the cloud at no cost.


Your money never leaves your forex account. Start/Stop or deposit/withdraw as you decide


It works

Once you have completed the sign up process, it couldn't be more simple. Everything is FULLY AUTOMATED meaning you do not even have to log on if you do not want to. Just check in once in a while to see how much profit the system has generated for you. Remember there are no signup or membership fees, no recurring subscriptions. Its totally FREE to setup. All you pay is a commission in arrears on the profit you have made.  We are so confident in the systems ability, we DO NOT need to charge upfront fees like the majority of our competition.   The system DOES NOT use dangerous trading styles like martingale or positional averaging. We all know that they are ticking time bomb. INSTEAD every trade has its own Stop Loss and Take Profit. There is NO recovery or chasing losses. Each trade usually lasts on average 8 minutes and we never hold trades overnight or over the weekend. The system has generated average profits of 10 - 15% per month consistently, with drawdown remaining below 3%. You will sleep well with Quantix! Fully verified REAL MONEY MyFxBook links are available to view from clicking the link at the top of the website, Plus every trade result is published to twitter direct from MyFxBook which you can view by following the Quantix Twitter Account @QuantixFX Last but not least why not join our telegram community and chat openly with us and other users to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to you joining us in generating an additional passive income.  

How To Join

Sign up to Ovnitrade

Receive email from SamtradeFX

Registering with Ovnitrade automatically signs you upto Samtrade. Just verify the account with them.

Fund your trading Account

Fund your account using Crypto, Card, paypal, bank transfer etc...

Thats All!!

Now sit back, relax and watch the trades on your mobile! Its all fully automated so from here on you dont need to lift a finger!